To enter actual patient data use the links in the email you have recieved.
If you have not recieved an email with ICU ID or data entry links please email us:

6 month followup

For ICUs participating in 6 month followup a field for this information will be visible on the CRF for your ICU. This field will not be visible for ICUs not participating in 6-month followup.


Clinical Frailty Score interrater test
For ICUs participating in the CFS interrater test fields for separate scoring CRF by two persons will be available and marked on the CRF.
These fields are not visible for ICUs not participating in CFS interrater test.


Data entry timeline



Regarding re-admission
If a patient is re-admitted, only the first admission should be registered in VIP2. Any subsequent ICU-admissions should be disregarded.

Transfer of patient to another hospital that also participates in VIP2
Only the ICU-admission in the first hospital should be registered in VIP2.
The patient should not be included again at the second hospital.