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The VIP2* study is an international, multicenter study of the old intensive care unit population.
The aim is development and validation of a mortality risk score for very old intensive care patients.

The VIP2 study builds on the successful VIP1 study which was published in 2017.
ICU recruitment took place from the fall of 2017 until fall of 2018 and is closed.
Patient recruitment started between May 2018 and October 2018 and ended on April 30th (May 1st in the UK).

Patients could be included for 6 months (beginning the day of the recruitment of the first patient) or until 20 patients were included for the individual ICU (whichever comes first).

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A research conference about VIPs was held 5-6th of June 2018 in Bergen, Norway
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*The VIP2 study is called POETICS2 in the UK.

VIP conference

Barcelona, June 25-26 2020
"Too old for ICU?"

VIP2 status

242 ICUs
3920 patients

Patient recruitment per week (current total: 3920)

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ICUs per country

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The VIP2 study is endorsed by ESICM.