The VIP2* study is an upcoming study of the aging intensive care unit population.

The aim is development and validation of a mortality risk score for very old intensive care patients.

The VIP2 study will build on the VIP1 study which has recently been published.

Estimated start of patient recruitment is summer of 2018.

Follow this link below to register your ICU in the study:

Read more about the study the Documents section.

Ethical approval
In some countries ethical approval is required at the country or ICU level and steps should be taken to apply for ethical approval either individually for each ICU or via the national coordinator for your country.
Ethical approval may take some time and this process should probably be started as soon as possible to allow time for processing.
Please go ahead and register your ICU even though approvals are pending and we will update your ICU record when approvals are in place. If approval ultimately can not be obtained for your ICU/country we will simply release your ICU from the study.

Follow the project on ResearchGate.

The Study is endorsed by ESICM.

For inquiries please contact us.

*The VIP2 study is called POETICS2 in the UK.

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